Plastic, as well as products made of plastic materials, have the distinction of having a second life, without affecting, however, the chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics

All masterbatches produced by TeKnomast have formulations which comply with the regulations in force in the destination country, are free from heavy metals and, for the most part, are suitable for contact with food

Thanks to a structured laboratory with a team of technicians supported by modern instruments and technical equipment, we provide a research and development service which makes it possible to obtain the desired tonality, even in recycled materials

And thanks to the partnership with Rifra Masterbatches, we are now able to offer colours from the RIFRABIO® All Color collection – evidence of our will to act proactively to encourage a reduction of the environmental impact caused by the dispersion of plastic products

All products in the RIFRABIO® All Color range are compostable in accordance with UNI standard EN 13432 and come with “OK COMPOST HOME” and “OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL” Certification.